Timken Family Cancer Center

Canton, Ohio

The Aultman Health Foundation has partnered with Hammond Construction to build the Timken Family Cancer Center. The 48,000 square foot addition to the hospital will be a transformative project for Aultman.

The project involves significant site work and closure to a portion of Bedford Avenue to create a new front entrance and facade for Aultman Hospital. The cancer center will feature infusion bays that have an “outside-inside setting”. This allows every patient to not only see outdoors during their treatment, but they also have the ability to move outdoors from their treatment bay if they choose to do so.

The project will be completed in phases, with the 2-story addition of the infusion area and doctors offices first, and renovations of the existing radiology/oncology department imaging and radiation vaults to follow. The addition is scheduled for completion by July of 2022.

Square Footage: 58,270