North Royalton City Schools

North Royalton, OH

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“Hammond Construction has a wealth of experience building K-12 schools. In addition, their engagement and communication strategies will assure that our community will be kept involved and up to date in the process as we go along.”  - Greg Gurka, Superintendent

Hammond Construction is the CMR for multiple improvement projects for North Royalton City Schools. The building program includes a new K-4 Elementary School, HVAC and security upgrades to the existing Middle School and a phased addition and renovation to North Royalton High School. The High School project involves a series of 7 complex phases of construction beginning in the Spring of 2019. A two-story wing will be built first, which will house their math and science programs, as well as a new gymnasium. Additional phases of renovation will follow in all areas of the high school over the course of 3 years, with a final completion date of December of 2021. The new North Royalton Elementary School is being constructed on a 23-acre green site. The two-story structure will have three classroom wings which will feature open spaces to support collaborative learning environments.

Square Footage: 279,000 SF (HS) 149,290 SF (ES)