Lake Local Schools

Hartville, OH

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“As construction manager, Hammond not only provided the necessary direction and input on the construction of the project, they also provided educational and publicity opportunities for our students and our community. From their first day, they acted as a true partner and caretaker for the vision and follow through of this generational changing project.”  - Kevin Tobin, Superintendent

Hammond Construction is the construction manager at risk for a district-wide improvement plan for Lake Local Schools. All three of the projects were constructed on an occupied school site which includes a new 2-6 Elementary school and a renovation and addition to Uniontown Elementary. The largest project was the three-year transformation of the current 9-12 high school into a 7-12 campus. Construction was sequenced into 8 phases, starting with a two-story, 110,000 square foot addition on the front of the building.  This was followed by multiple interior renovations, selective demolition and a secondary 15,000 square foot addition.

Square Footage: 250,000 SF (MS/HS) 135,827 (ES)