Hudson City Schools

Hudson, OH

Hammond Construction is the construction manager at risk for a district-wide improvement project for Hudson City Schools. All of the buildings impacted by construction are located on an occupied school site. The program includes a new 6-8 middle school, additions and renovations to four elementary schools, athletic field improvements and a new auto tech building. The largest project is the new Hudson Middle School, a 176,000 square foot school that features student centered learning elements. The building site is constrained by multiple operational schools, stadiums and close proximity residential neighbors. Design elements of the building include a 700-seat auditorium, classroom pods with extended learning areas, gymnasium and Georgian architecture. Renovations and/or additions will occur at three of the elementary schools to accommodate a district-wide re-configuration of the grade levels. The middle school will complete in 2020, and the remainder of the projects will be complete by 2022.

Square Footage: 176,000 SF (MS)